Who we are

English Literature is an educational website which provides free study materials to the students and teachers of English Literature. Our website address is: http://englishliterature.education and our email address is: [email protected]

What personal data we collect and why we collect it

This website does not collect any other personal data of our clients expect what is essential for the fair practice of web materials. We collect the email address when you post any comment or sign-up for our newsletter. However, if you are an active member of Gravatar, your data (email address) might be synchronised with them in order to display your image in the comment post. Other than this basic info, we don’t collect any other user data and nor do we let any third parties do so. Our website is secured with SSL and your basic data is safe with us!


When you create your first comment on our website, your name, email address and website (if filled) will be stored as cookies. It will ensure that you can easily autofill your data when making the next comment on our website. It depends on the browser you use and your browser might not accept cookies as well. If the cookies are set to store, your basic info will remain active for one year and after it, it will be deleted.

Content from other websites – Youtube, Twitter, Facebook

Our articles, at times, might contain content embedded from different websites – popular ones among them are Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and a few others like LinkedIn, Instagram etc. Since we don’t use any advertisement on our website, your data will not be sent to any third parties from English Literature Education Website.

Google Analytics

This website uses Google Analytics to get information about visitors who visit this website. Google will get the following information which is provided by your carrier:

Your carrier location
Your browser
How long you stay on our website
What content you consumer

We use this information to serve our audience better. This information is automatically deleted after one month on our servers.

If you have problems with any of the policies mentioned above, please do not use our website.