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Literature has no end, no ends and it’s not ending in the darkest future. The darkest future may have the darkest literature as we read in the darkest past at one point. However, literature will stay, has stayed and is here as well (we can always debate quality). What makes literature stay? There might be many answers but one of them has to be characters… characters like Hamlet and Othello, like James Bond and Sherlock Holmes, characters like Grey and Oak (oxymoronic, isn’t it?) and so on… so forth… there are the characters who appeal to the readers too much and way beyond what other characters might ever do. And on those rare occasions, we have to associate characters with the authors, with a period of time or even with an age. Oak stands with me; Bond keeps me energised; Railway Raju gives me the energy to keep looking for the brighter redemption; Rebecca Sharp tells me the world is this way and one has to amplify one’s abilities day after day…

Characters are energy in a novel. They move along with the plot, the storyline and the timeline in a novel. Some vanish with time and some stay forever, even after the novel is over on the pages. Have you noticed it?

For all those who have an interest in characters and would like to discuss it with other literary enthusiasts, a very interesting discussion on literary characters is going on here – Who is your favourite literary fiction character? The discussion happening on the English literature forum will keep you excited, engaged and also delighted because you have a distinguished space where you can talk about literary characters you like, love and would like to discuss.

There are several responses already and you can register on the forum to add your reply to the thread as well as many other interesting threads that discuss literary theories, literature in several ages in England, literature outside England and so on. You can also get to participate in the discussions based on the NTA NET examination, an examination conducted in India that makes a person eligible to teach college or university students.

Well, keeping it short about the characters you love and the discussion you can participate in, do log on to the given website and unleash your sentiments about your favourite fictional literary character and enjoy what others share. This forum is not only entertaining but also very helpful for the students of literature.


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  • This was an interesting article… I do have many characters in mind and I do believe they have something more than merely their roles to offer.


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